Wow! This Woman Stood in a Vast Desert and a Man Still Found a Way to Touch Her Lower Back

Despite the fact that 28-year-old Angela French was on a solo retreat in the Mojave Desert, a man still found a way to disrespect her personal space by subtly placing his hand on her lower back.


It’s amazing that even in the most remote location, a man can still find a way to patronizingly place his hand just above her buttocks!


Angela, an avid camper, made a trip to the Mojave National Preserve to enjoy some time away from her stress-inducing, full-time job. Despite an attempt at a relaxing getaway in the middle of nowhere, Angela managed to have her back touched as she temporarily lost herself, gazing into the distance.


“I was looking up at the sky, thinking about my life in relation to the vastness of the universe, and that’s when I felt a hand kind of creeping down my lower back and give it a little pat.”


Although Angela immediately slapped the hand away, she admitted this wasn’t the kind of stressor she was imagining dealing with on her trip to a boundless desert.


“I thought the hardest thing would be setting up my tent,” says Angela. “Turns out that was the easy part. It got hard when a random man in a popular desert destination felt the need approach me from miles away to put his hand there. Like, I drove 300 miles specifically to get away from that.”


Sources confirm this isn’t the first time a man has found his way to a woman’s lower back in a remote and sparsely populated location.


“One time I went on a silent retreat in upstate New York,” says Angela. “And it was just like three days full of unsolicited hugs.”


Even though Angela made it clear to the man that she wasn’t interested in engaging, the man insisted on taking down her number so they could reconnect when she returned to the city.


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