Aww! This Woman Said She ‘Loved’ Her Friend, Then Shit-Talked Her For a Full Hour

28-year old Sharon Rothberg was recently out with some friends when an absent friend, Donna Barren, was brought up. Rothberg, quick to share her own opinion on Barren, started by saying, “I mean look, I love Donna,” then proceeded to shit on her ruthlessly for a full hour.


“I obviously love Donna,” she reportedly began. “But like…she makes terrible choices. I hate her boyfriend. Sometimes she’s just so annoying, you know? Like awful to be around.”


Whoa, that took a turn!


Others privy to the conversation say they were shocked when Rothberg began with a statement of love and affection for their friend, only to ruthlessly criticize every single thing about her for the next sixty minutes.


“First she said how much she ‘loves’ Donna,” says longtime friend Margaret O’Toole. “Then she just went to town ripping her apart, just shitting on every aspect of her personality and lifestyle.”


“It was so confusing,” says another friend, Vanessa Torres. “Does she love Donna or does she think she’s ‘a fucking bitch who sucks the life out of a room’? Because that’s what she said about her.”


Rothberg asserts that, in fact, she both loves and hates Donna, who is one of her closest friends.



“No see, I really do love her, like she’s my best friend,” insists Rothberg. “It’s just also she drives me nuts and I need to vent a little by relentlessly shitting on her in front of our mutual friends so that they can hate her too. But I do love her, also, because I’m not a bad person.”


While those on the receiving end of Rothberg’s rant say that it was like “watching a tiger ripping into a gazelle’s corpse” they also readily admit that they did jump in and just sort of beat the shit out of Donna’s reputation every now and then.


“I mean, ok, we love Donna,” says Torres. “But like, she sucks. Here, let me tell you why.”


Yes please!