Woman Who Has No Time To Clean Room Spends Full Hour Searching For Other Shoe

Despite claims that she has “absolutely no time” to clean her room, Claire Jennings found an entire hour in her schedule to tear apart her bedroom looking for her other shoe this evening.


“Honestly, it’s inspiring,” says Jennings’ roommate, Sasha. “She never has any time to even put her dishes in the dishwasher, but she manages to have enough time to work herself into a full-body panic searching for a shoe until she screams with frustration.”


Jennings is proud to be able to defy the logic of time.


“I don’t get it either. My schedule is way too packed to even consider basic chores, but as soon as I need some time for a mental breakdown, I have a spare 20 minutes to an hour to nosedive into so many different piles of clothes, shouting, ‘Where could it be?! Where?!!’”



Friends and family members who have witnessed the phenomenon have been left amazed. Jennings herself still cannot explain it to them.


“Do I wish that I had more time to clean my room? Of course I do. But I just don’t have the time unless it’s to waste time looking for just one thing.”


Jennings has told many sources that she believes this may be some sort of spiritual intervention.


“Sometimes the universe teaches you how to make time for the important things.”


One thing is for certain: Claire Jennings is an inspiration to many.


“Even when I’m up against all odds, I gotta pursue my own needs,” Jennings explained while sobbing, hobbling around still looking for the other shoe.