Wow! This Woman Invited A Guy Over To Force Herself To Clean Her Room

Unable to sufficiently motivate herself to clean her bedroom, Brooklyn resident Taylor Wilkinson has asked a guy she’s interested in to come to her place this weekend to motivate herself to clean.


The brave text went through early Thursday, leaving Wilkinson less than 48 hours to conquer her self-imposed challenge.


“Knowing that someone might actually see my bed made me want to clear all the crap off it,” Wilkinson explains. “I took one great Instagram of it when I first moved in, and have been coasting on that ever since.”


Many before Wilkinson have made attempts at cleaning their rooms on their own accord with little to no success. Yet Wilkinson is determined to break the mold and emerge with an organized and clean bedroom.


If she were to fail at the task, an unsuspecting male could be at risk of seeing piles of dirty clothes mixed with piles of clean clothes, dishes Wilkinson couldn’t bear taking into the kitchen, several mountains of shoes, way too many vibrators, and at least two unidentifiable puddles. According to reports, only Wilkinson herself and maybe a few bugs have passed through the doorway in months.



“I always knew she could do it,” says eternally patient roommate, Ann LaVan. “She just always didn’t do it. Always.”


Wilkinson was apparently proud of herself for sending the text, but knows the battle isn’t over yet. “I have to say focused,” Wilkinson explains. “Otherwise I’ll think about it too long and realize this guy will probably have sex with me no matter what my room looks like.”