What Your Myers-Briggs Type Is Like On A Date As Long As It’s One of The Ones I Remember

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Taking your Myers-Briggs test is an incredible tool to gain insight into your psychological makeup, especially on a date. With my help, discover what your personality type is like when trying to make a first impression, even though I don’t really remember any of the types besides my own and my ex’s. Here is what your Myers-Briggs type is like on a date, as long as it is one of the types I remember.


The Executive

ESTJ’s are known for being strong-willed and valued for their clear advice and guidance. They can be stubborn and have difficulty expression emotions. Surprise, surprise, this is my Myers-Briggs type! On dates, ESTJs are strong leaders and organizers, but make very little room for emotional vulnerability. Or at least that’s what my ex-boyfriend always said, who is an ENFP, which leads me to the next personality type.


The Campaigner

ENFP’s are free spirits. They enjoy connecting emotionally to people (which, as an ESTJ, I found unbearable). They tend to lack practical skills and find it difficult to focus. On dates, The Campaigner enjoys deep conversations that last all night, but doesn’t have enough money in his bank account to cover the cost of dinner. That can be really annoying, I would know, because I dated one for three years!


The Architect

Uh… This one loves to build stuff, I think? On dates, The Architect will probably wear glasses and want to look at the ceiling to understand the structure of the building. To be honest, I don’t really remember that much about this one!



The Mediator

I actually don’t remember everything about this one because no one I’m close to has this personality type, but they’re probably really good at mediating on dates. So if you get in a fight with a waiter because you want more bread and he doesn’t want to give you more bread, this would be a great person to have by your side. Hope that helps?


The Defender

ISFJ’s are supportive, observant and enthusiastic, just like my ex’s mother. She always defended me in fights! On a date, she’d probably be shy, doing her best not to burden others. I really miss you; you were wonderful!


The Protagonist

Bring this one to a play?!


Unfortunately, those are all the types I remember at this time. There are ten others, which are probably really fun to have on dates too! I hope this helped you gain insight into how to approach romantic evenings with different personality types. And if it didn’t, I don’t blame you, because I only went on what I could vaguely remember and they weren’t that accurate!


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