How To Be Better In Bed, Because He’s Sure He’s Doing Everything Right

Being good in bed takes time and practice with every new partner, even though the guy you’re with feels confident that he’s nailing it. Why not do a ton of hard work on your own to try to fix the mediocre sex you’re having, since he is absolutely doing nothing wrong! Here’s how to be better in bed, because he is already doing everything to the best of his ability, obviously!


Look Hot

In order to feel confident in the bedroom, wear something that turns you on when you look at your body. Put on your favorite bra and panties, or better yet, go buy a nice set of lingerie he’s never seen you in before. Sure, this will set you back at least a hundred bucks and he hasn’t bought new clothes in a year, but we guarantee the sex will be so much hotter, which is what you’re after. Just spend some of your hard-earned money to turn him on, since he’s so sure he’s terrific in bed and has nothing to learn.


Be Commanding

If he’s used to being the dominant one in the bedroom, which he’s not, why not try out dominating to see how you like it? Finally, he’ll see you doing something in bed besides everything you’re already doing, which is a lot. Get on top, sister, and get to work. Let him lie there, even though he’s sure his “great dick” is somehow doing the most, which it is absolutely not! Don’t worry, he will most definitely take credit for both of you coming!



Compliment Him The Whole Time

Turning a man on is easier than we think it is: just give him tons of compliments throughout the entirety of sex. Throw some love to his body, to his moves and most importantly to his dick, even though those things have actually never done you any good in your life. This won’t really help your actual problem of being underserviced but, since he’s so sure he’s providing you with the greatest of pleasure, at least you’ll be confident you’re holding things up on your end.


Let Him Do His Thing

He knows what he’s doing, or so he claims, so why not just let him do everything he loves to do: put his penis inside you and then finish as soon as he wants to! He’ll love that! You won’t but at least you’ll have lowered your expectations for any kind of reciprocation.


Use these tips to get way better in bed, so you can finally match your dude who is feeling pretty confident that he’s doing everything perfectly between the sheets. And if you don’t like what he’s doing, maybe you have a medical issue! Sorry, that sucks!!