How to Cum in Missionary Even After Your Myers-Briggs Says You’re ‘The Commander’

You took the famous personality test, your results are in: Your Myers-Briggs type is ENTJ, also known as The Commander. You are prized for your energy, your self-confidence and your charisma—good for you! Now that you know you’re a leader, you might be tempted to trailblaze in every area of your life, but when it comes to sex, you really only have the energy for some good old-fashioned missionary. Even though you’re a natural born leader and have the potential to become a top executive, here are some ways to ensure you can still take it lying down.



Just Command Yourself to Do It

If you’re really The Commander, then that means you’re a self-possessed woman with drive and ambition. So don’t think about how you’re participating in the most passive sex position of all time—just think about how fucking inspiring it will be when you will yourself to orgasm. Your man’s meager thrusts aren’t going to get you there (he’s The Advocate, for Christ’s sake) so summon your deep executive badassery and just go for it. Also maybe bring a vibrator into the equation.


Talk Dirty Using Your Natural Public Speaking Skills

As The Commander, you excel at speaking in front of potential investors, so why not put those oratory skills to use between the sheets! Just pretend your bed is your board meeting room, and use the power of words to get yourself off. Even when your dude fucks you so quietly you’re not sure if he’s still breathing, empower yourself to speak clearly and dirtily. Nothing will bring an ENTJ to orgasm faster than some wordplay! Turns out your communication skills can be used for business and pleasure.



Imagine All of the Fictional Characters Who Are ENTJs Encouraging You

According to the Internet, some of the best fictional characters are ENTJs. So why not round ‘em up and have them help you finish? Think of Princess Leia, Miranda Priestly and Lord Voldemort and before you know it, you’ll be hot over the fictional company you’re in. Because all ENTJs are VERY charismatic and inspiring, you’ll cum instantaneously. Hey, that was easy!



You may think that your boring sex life invalidates your Myers-Briggs type, but that’s wrong! With these tips you won’t just be The Commander, you’ll be The Commander of His Dick. Thank you, Myers-Briggs, for the tools to cum on command no matter the circumstance!