This Sex Playlist Also Creates the Perfect Atmosphere for Folding Laundry

Many factors go into nailing the mood in the bedroom, but perhaps nothing is more important than finding the right jams. Similarly, it can be hard to get into the right “mood” to finally sit down and fold your dang laundry. Well luckily, this sex playlist is ideal for a night of steamy, passionate sex but also happens to create the perfect atmosphere for just folding some laundry.


“Meet me in the Middle” – Jessie Ware

This sultry slow jam is dripping with undiluted sexuality and specific directional instructions – great for meeting a sex partner in the middle of a bed, or meeting your roommate in the middle while folding a large blanket. At five minutes long, it’s a solid track for tackling any mid-sized load.


“Unravel me” – Sabrina Claudio

The best songs to have sex to are the ones that have a good driving rhythm that you can groove to in more ways than one. You know what also has a distinct rhythm to it? Folding laundry. That’s why the melodious versatility of this song creates the ideal conditions for both engaging in lustful sexual congress and for getting the creases on your khakis just right.


“James” – Say Something

Perhaps the iconic British bands most imposing romantic ballad, this track complements a wide range of bedroom activities, from seducing a new lover to trying to remove wine stains from your work pants with a Tide pen.


“Earned it” – The Weeknd

This scintillating track is certain to inspire the hottest, most emotionally charged sex and/or laundry folding techniques. Lyrics like “girl you’re perfect/the way you work it/you’re always worth it/cause you deserve it” will relieve any misplaced guilt you might feel about your reckless sexual choices or for spending way too much money on novelty socks.


“Go All Night (Let Me Roll)” – Kelela

Oooh girl. This song will make you want to do it all night long! Unless your place is a total mess in which case, pump this jam and fold t-shirts from dusk ‘til dawn baby!



“This Woman’s Work” – Maxwell

The smooth crooning and crescendo of Maxwell’s velvety voice is the perfect soundtrack for just biting the bullet and finally getting around to some chores. You can try to have sex to it too but honestly, it’s better for laundry.


This fierce lineup will guarantee an ambiance teeming with sensuality, whether you’re hooking up with a stranger, hooking up a new dryer from Sears, or just trying to figure out what happened to half your socks. Get busy, girl!


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