How to Do Winged Eyeliner Now That You’ve Forgotten What Makeup Is

So you’re ready to master the perfect cat eye? This classic look can be intimidating to tackle, especially when you have not done anything cosmetic to your face in three months and don’t really remember what makeup actually is. But follow these simple tips and you’ll be back in the saddle in no time even though the other day you used your eyeliner as an actual pen.


Pick your color.

The winged eyeliner look you’ll see most often is a traditional, striking black, but this style works just as well with a bold pop of color. A cool shade of blue or purple will make your eyes look bigger, maybe? That sounds like a thing. We don’t really remember how any of this works either. Is big eyes good? Try it out! This will bring back fun memories of getting ready to go out, except this time you are going nowhere!


Apply light pressure.

The last things you want are uneven lines. To avoid this, try applying your liner in one light stroke across the bottom of your eyelid. Stay against the outline of your eye until you reach the corner, then end with a gentle swipe up to create the winged look. Now you are drawing on your eyelid — good job! This is what makeup is. You put it on your face to look good or to do “self-expression.” Are you expressed yet? Awesome. Makeup is happening all on your face and it’s a nice time. Later you will wash it off then you can do it again.


Try to make both sides the same.

To wrap up a job well done, do the same thing on your other eye and make sure they look identical. This is important and impossible. Next, make tiny adjustments to each side in an effort to make them symmetrical. This should only make them both worse. If you feel frustrated and hopeless you are probably doing it wrong, but it’s hard to say actually. Makeup. Make up. Huh.



Now you have some stuff on your face and that’s makeup, baby. We don’t really know what’s in it. Pigment? Glycerin? What’s glycerin? It doesn’t matter. It is time to be feeling confident and sexy with your winged eyeliner. Makeup!!!