Bold Lipsticks To Save For A Hypothetical Special Occasion That Will Never Happen

Sometimes you want to switch up your makeup routine and try a risky lip color – something that will really make people say “whoa!” However, a shade like fuchsia may not be right for the office or a formal wedding, or actually any upcoming event you have planned, so maybe just keep holding onto that special color indefinitely. Here are a few bold lip shades to save for some hypothetical special occasion that will probably never happen.


Purple Lipstick

Purple lipstick will really make your lips pop! This zany shade is a great one if you want to flaunt your lips at an event where you can really get crazy and embrace your eccentric fashion sense. You could pair it with some big earrings, if you ever had the courage to actually wear a color called “Pandemonium.” Unfortunately, all you have on your Google Cal this month is your nephew’s bar mitzvah. Sorry! Looks like you won’t be wearing this one out of the house anytime soon.


Black Lipstick

Are you a goth? A witch? Or a girl who just loves to make daring fashion choices? No one will know because they will never see you wearing this devilish lip color. Still, maybe keep it on hand just in case you someday get invited to the right thing, which you won’t. Your only plan this week is getting lunch with your aunt, and for that you’re better off sticking with a classic red lip – something she can’t call your mother to complain about.


Blue Lipstick

A sapphire lipstick makes for a real statement you’ll never make because you’re never going to wear it. Blue lipstick is for people who get invited to Meatpacking district warehouse parties or roller derbies. Definitely keep a tube of this anyway in case you’re ever invited to the right event, but more than likely you never will be since all your friends are equally as tame. Actually, maybe make some new friends if you’re still clinging to dreams of putting this shade to use.



Green Lipstick

Who are you, Madonna? Are you performing in a stadium and shooting fireworks out of your bra? No, you’re not. You’re dropping your laundry off at the cleaners right now, and this statement-making shade of froggy green absolutely screams, “I’m trying way too hard in the middle of the day for no reason!” Put this bold color away for the near future, and also the forever future, because you’re never going to wear it.


If you want to make a bold statement with your lipstick, try any of these colors that you will never, ever put on because you’re not going anywhere special.


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