How to Save Your Old T-Shirts For a Fun DIY Project You’ll Never Do

Do you have a bunch of old Hard Rock Cafe and souvenir t-shirts you never seem to wear? Of course you do! You could donate them, or you can hold onto them for a fun DIY project you’ll never actually do! Here’s how to save your old t-shirts in a drawer for a project you’ll literally never even consider doing!


When Donating Other Stuff, Keep These For No Reason!

When you’re ruthlessly going through your clothing to donate what you don’t wear, make sure you hold onto your old t-shirts for no real reason. There’s so much you can do with these old t-shirts, in theory, but you definitely won’t do anything with them. Regardless, definitely plan out a couple projects you could do if you weren’t so tired after work every day, and convince yourself that it would actually be counterintutive to throw out old camp shirts that don’t even fit anymore. Into the drawer they go!


Put Them in a Drawer You Always Forget Is There

You may have the genius idea to recycle these shirts into something cool like a t-shirt tote bag or a t-shirt apron, but remember, you won’t. The drive to do it is there right now, but the follow-through is nonexistent. Gather the shirts you would use for the project and put them in the bottom drawer of your dresser or in a bag on the top shelf of your closet. You’ll throw stuff on top of it and completely forget they’re even there. But they are there! Cool!


If You Have an Old Sheet, Throw That In There Too Because Maybe You’ll Do a T-shirt Quilt, But Also Probably Not

Really stuff this “craft drawer” to the brim with items for five different DIY projects you could do with the shirts. Toss in an old sheet that you have no use for as the base of a potential t-shirt quilt, knowing full well that there’s no way in hell you’re going to make a t-shirt quilt. You’ll have so many craft options that you will get overwhelmed, close the drawer, and go watch TV instead. But let’s be honest, even if you only had one option, you still wouldn’t do it. These projects take a lot of time that you have, but would rather use doing nothing.



Lock That Drawer Up and Throw Away the Key

You absolutely won’t be doing anything creative with these shirts, but you have to keep them around in hopes that one day you’ll get the urge to be creative. Can you imagine how you’d feel if you were struck with inspiration and the shirts were somewhere else, like on the body of a kid who actually needs them? Yikes! Lock those tees up and toss the key instead of tossing away the shirts you have zero use for! You might have the impulse to craft one day!


Now you know how to hold onto useless t-shirts for some DIY crafts that one hundred percent won’t ever happen. Just enjoy sitting around doing nothing!