High-Waisted Shorts Your Ass Will Pour Out of Like Sand

The high-waisted shorts trend is going strong now that it’s hot outside, and it’s one anyone can try if they don’t mind having zero butt coverage. No matter your body type, high-waisted shorts will highlight your midsection, elongate your legs and cause your ass to pour out like sand. Here are the best high-waisted shorts to make you say, “Oh! There goes my butt.”


Urban Renewal Denim Cutoffs ($49, UrbanRenewal.com)

These denim cutoffs are a classic look for the summer that will cause your entire back half to spill on the sidewalk. Handcrafted from vintage jeans without any parts to hold your butt, each pair of these jeans has a one-of-a-kind wash that does nothing to distract from everything pouring out like sand. “Whoa,” your friends will say, as they try to catch your butt in their hands.


STS Frayed High-Rise Shorts ($28, STS Blue)

Frayed hems up the chill factor of these shorts that already say, “Up, down, to the side – I guess my ass can go anywhere.” The outseams have been cut to lengthen the legs, and also allow extra space for any butt spillage to blow through like sand in the breeze. Wear them low on your hips to project an even more laid-back attitude toward the reality that anyone standing behind is watching your butt cascade into the fresh air.



Levi’s Wedgie Shorts ($98, Levi’s)

Aptly named the “wedgie” shorts, this pair will pinch your thighs but allow your ass to slip through like the sands of time. Say goodbye now, because you can never gather that ass back once it has passed out of these babies. Made with premium non-stretch denim, your ass will be fully breaking free to the flow out like cool lemonade. Your ass is gone, and that’s fashion.


Boohoo High-Cut Hotpants ($36, Bohoo.com)

These super high-cut hotpants make a great look for a night out without your butt, because it’s rushing out of your shorts like sand. Dress up this pair with an embellished tee to announce, “I’m classy, but my ass is escaping through the back as I speak.” After all, the only reason you put on pants at all is so the entire back half of your body has something fashionable to fall through.


Jump on the high-waisted, assless shorts trend this summer with any of these pairs that say, “Oh fuck my ass is going everywhere right now.”