5 Truths About Love Every 20-Something Should Know Before the Big Exam

Your twenties are a time of big changes, heartbreak, and the quickly approaching exam that asks the big question: do you know the truth about love? You better study up, because this is one test you don’t want to fail! But no need to panic: here are the six truths about love that most frequently appear on the test.


Love is hard work.

On the big exam, there are always a few questions about the effort required for a healthy relationship. So just remember that a good, communicative relationship takes time and attention. If you thought love would be smooth sailing, you haven’t been studying hard enough. Uh oh!


Sometimes the right person comes into your life at the wrong time.

Don’t get tripped up by mixing up this romantic truism with its equally true counterpoint, which is that the wrong person can come into your life at the right time. Put this one on a flashcard if you need to, because it’s definitely going to be on the test. You’ve got this!


Being alone is okay.

This one can be a real stumper, because if you answer on gut instinct, you might think that being alone isn’t okay. Sure, this is a test about love, but not having love is acceptable! If you’ve hit the books and eaten a big breakfast before the test, you’ll do fine.



The right person won’t try to change you.

Don’t be caught looking like a fool thinking that you should make yourself into the person your partner wants you to be. If you don’t get this one, you clearly didn’t understand the material. Consider studying with a friend!


You need to love yourself before you can love someone else.

Tricky! When a lot of people think about love, they don’t always think about self-love. And that’s a trap that you can count on being on the big exam. Come up with a fun mnemonic device to remember this one. There’s no need to psych yourself so long as you remember that you come first in your affections.


Now that you’ve studied these truths, you’re prepared to answer the toughest questions about romance, sex, and dating in your 20s. Before you know it, you’ll be studying up on why your 30s are the best time to make a career change. Good luck!


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