6 Great Podcasts That Will All Merge Into One In Your Head

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There are so many amazing podcasts out there on so many different subjects, and if you listen to enough of them, they are sure to become a vague blur of something faintly interesting in your memory. At least that’s what we think happened? Here are six great podcast episodes to listen to and then muddle with all the other inspiring and insightful podcasts into one giant podcast in your head.


“Death and Taxes” – This American Life

As Oprah says, people won’t remember what you said or did, they’ll remember how you made them feel. And it’s the same with podcasts! This deeply moving episode features a segment about end-of-life care that will break your beautiful heart with its brutally honest look at life and death in a hospice. Palliative care, anyone?! In time, you’ll forget the specifics and even the generals about this podcast, but you’ll never forget the tears you shed onto a stranger’s shoulder about…I don’t know, sad stuff?


“Infinity + One” – Stuff to Blow Your Mind

This podcast will change how you think about the universe — there’s nothing like the perspective you get when you consider we are just a speck existing in an infinite universe! You’ll remember one scientific word like “continuum” that you can reel out at work drinks, but because you listened to this while you were at the gym, you’re gonna get this one mixed up with that episode of Real Housewives that was playing on the elliptical. Nice try, though!


WTF with guest Norm MacDonald – WTF with Marc Maron

This is a great one: a real insight into the emotional life of a hugely successful writer, comedian and man. He used to drink a lot, and he’s refreshingly honest about his vulnerabilities and struggle, which is eerily similar to the majority of male comedians of his generation. This was the Norm MacDonald episode, right? Your recollections will be vague AF but you’ll remember there was something about gambling addiction and that he’s not dead yet.



“I Came For Light” – The Hum Podcast

This hard-hitting podcast about a North Korean refugee’s struggle to build a new life will shake you to your core and make you think about that other podcast about a different North Korean refugee’s struggle. You’ll almost start writing letters for Amnesty International, but by the time you return to your desk you will be firmly convinced this was an old episode of This American Life.


“The Unknown Brain” – TED Radio Hour

Loosely, this podcast is about something about the brain and thinking and about how mysterious it all is. There is definitely a man talking in this one and he definitely sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Maybe he’s a doctor? FOR SURE we cannot begin to comprehend the complexity of the mind, but after that, it’s a wash. If you can ever remember the name of it, you’ll definitely recommend it to people!


Life is one big blur – especially when you listen to a lot of podcasts. Don’t sweat the small stuff when recalling them, like details, specifics, or anything really. Simply listen and then enjoy your newfound knowledge of something you’ll never quite remember!