Behind Every Great Man, There Is A Great Ventriloquist

Abraham Lincoln. Albert Einstein. Aristotle. These are men famous for their accomplishments. In spite of their amazing achievements, few people realize that there is always a special someone standing behind them every step of the way. And that person is a very talented ventriloquist.


Someone was just as intelligent, insightful and caring as these great men, but it wasn’t who you think. Behind every successful man was a ventriloquist who understood his nuances and the particular humanoid gestures they would make.



Puppetry has certainly improved since Plato’s day, but if you look closely you can see the signature dead-eyed dummy stare in successful men like Bill Gates, Denzel Washington, and, most obviously, Ryan Seacrest.


We are getting closer to a world in which ventriloquists can openly pursue their craft without camouflaging themselves behind a man as a tree, a stacks of bricks, or a billionaire philanthropist. The time has come to give them the credit they deserved for so long.


For those still unconvinced that all great men are controlled by even greater ventriloquists, I implore you to think about this: How did Michelle Obama’s arms get so great? Years and years of holding up the puppety insides of Barack Obama.