Danielle Doesn’t Usually Post on Facebook, But This Is Important


Although she doesn’t usually get into these things, Las Vegas resident Danielle Goble has decided to post on Facebook because this is important.


In a semi-unprecedented move, the active Facebook user has had enough of what’s going on and just has to say something about it.


“I usually try to keep things light on Facebook,” Goble says. “But I rarely use it to speak my mind about what’s really going on.”


She added: “I imagine this is going to shock a lot of friends.”



In the post, Gobes is including a strongly worded advisory to friends to adopt pets rather than buy them from a pet store, and is eager to remind friends that “it’s so unlike me to talk about real stuff on here,” she “can’t believe I’m doing this,” and “the fact that I never post on Facebook should show you how much this means to me.”


Goble wants to make it clear that she is not messing around.


“Danielle mostly uses Facebook for fun and connecting with family,” says Goble’s sister Brianne. “But I think we’re really supposed to hear her out about fibromyalgia or 9/11 or something.”


Goble’s boyfriend, Chris, has his doubts.


“I don’t want to say that Danielle usually posts stuff like this,” says MacMillan, “But, yeah, she actually has posted stuff like this before.”


“I don’t even care if I lose friends over this,” Goble tells us. “But the restless leg syndrome awareness is important.”


Witnesses say the original post and the follow-up garnered fewer than seven Facebook reactions, most of them being the “Wow” response.


“I guess people are just as surprised about these serious topics as I am,” says Goble. “I usually don’t like to post on Facebook, but sometimes you can’t remain silent about these things.”