Man Who Sexually Assaulted You Likes Your Facebook Post About Assault

In an odd turn of events, the Facebook post you wrote this week describing your experience of being sexually assaulted, including the emotions and trauma and the inadequate resources for protecting victims of sexual assault in your community, was “liked” by the assaulter himself.


At the time of the event’s discovery you were overheard saying, “What the fuck?!” out loud to yourself and could soon be seen screenshotting the “like” to send to a group of close friends as you started to feel like you legitimately couldn’t breathe.


Friends were equally WTF.


One friend sent the exchange to another friend who reportedly texted back “oh yeah that same thing happened to me too. wtf?”



It is unclear what led to the man who assaulted you liking this post. Does he believe that the act that he perpetrated against you was consensual? Does he regret the trauma he caused and is now extending a mysterious olive branch in the form of a Facebook like? Or is he simply sadistic enough to enjoy your description of the way these horrific events unfold for women who are shamed and disbelieved at every turn?


All of this remains unclear as the man could not be reached for comment beyond the singular Facebook interaction.


At press time, this man who suspiciously liked your Facebook post that described the time he sexually assaulted you could be seen commenting on another woman’s post saying, “I believe women.”