True Story: I Liked My Friend’s Family Death Post on Facebook

I Lived it:

With the click of a mouse, it was all over.
One second I was scrolling through Facebook on my phone, drooling over the boozy brunch pics my friend Sarah had posted, and the next second, my life had changed forever. I did something we all fear on a daily basis, something I never thought could happen to me. I liked my friend’s Facebook post announcing her family member’s death.
Instead of liking Sarah’s cute drunk outfit post, I liked the post below it, saying “RIP Aunt Martha, a loving aunt and godmother. Your unexpected loss is a shock to us all. Will post later about services.”
Usually in a situation like this, there is one saving grace – unliking. This way, only the person who is truly hurting believes you are celebrating the death of their loved one. But I was at a boozy brunch myself and had been showing pics of my latest Okcupid conquests, and my phone died, just like Aunt Martha. WHY ME?
By the time I told the bartender the gravity of the situation so he’d let me charge my phone, it was too late. There were already horrifying comments from Sarah’s friends – “Who likes a post like this?” – “This girl should’ve died, not Martha!” – “Where duz she live???” – “If you know this B*tch, UNFRIEND!” All direct quotes.
I had to take a hiatus from Facebook. After three grueling weeks and a new haircut, I came back. I only displayed my first and last name, like I was some college student applying for jobs, rather than use the fun pun version of my name that people had come to hate. AND I had to change my profile picture – the only flattering and artsy-looking picture of myself in years, GONE! My beautifully curated former profile is a mere memory. Even the Natasha Beddingfield lyrics.
I don’t wish this horrible fate on anyone. But I hope to find redemption in sharing it with all of you. I hope to prevent horrific tragedies such as this from occurring in the future. Don’t Facebook app unless you’re fully in control of both of your thumbs.
Editor’s Update: A few hours after this was posted, the author couldn’t help herself and used Facebook while out at a bar. She liked the link to a CNN article announcing the death toll in Syria, and has been back off of Facebook ever since.