Man Successfully Reads Words On Woman’s Shirt To Her

Concerned citizen Rick Turberville went above and beyond this past Tuesday, when the 31-year-old successfully read the words on a woman’s shirt directly to her.


When Cecilia Alvarado was going for a morning jog, Turberville alerted her to the fact that her shirt said, “NIKE!” as she passed him on the sidewalk.


“Some men merely stare at a woman’s chest as she tries to exercise or get to work in the morning,” says Nina Kharoutan, who witnessed the incredible achievement. “But others go the extra mile to make sure those women know what the words on their shirts say.”



Claire Meehan, a former classmate of Turberville, said that he showed promise early on, applauding his lack of self-control. “Oh yeah even back in high school, he used to read words on girls’ clothing louder and more frequently than anyone else. You really should have seen him back when ‘Juicy’ was printing words on the back of sweatpants. Not a day went by without him yelling the words printed on the pants of other women.”


“At least once a week, a man will shout feet away from my face the name of an article of clothing I’m wearing, says Alvarado. “But today it was really helpful because I had totally forgotten what shirt I had put on and the significance of the word.”


Sources indicate that Rick can successfully read aloud even more difficult words and phrases, like “Seton Hall,” or “Go away? What’s that supposed to mean?”


Way to go, Rick!