5 Makeover Tips So He Can Pretend He’s Banging Someone New

Looking to change things up a bit? Feeling bland and predictable? Boyfriend suddenly making love exclusively with his eyes closed? Here are five foolproof makeover tricks that’ll leave your man with a hint of false hope that you’re an entirely different person than the one he’s been dating for all these years.

Try a New Hair Color
The simplest, tried-and-true way to instantly change things up is with a brand new hair color. Next time you see your stylist, let her recommend a bold new shade so different, your boyfriend of seven years will barely recognize you from behind. Boner!


Trade Contacts for Stylish Frames
Haven’t you heard? Nerdy is HOT. If you’re still using contacts, try switching them out for a sexy pair of thick frames. Want the geek-chic look but don’t have a prescription? Many online glasses retailers will sell you frames with non-prescription lenses for super cheap. Just choose your favorite pair and you’ll have him thinking, “Whoa, who’s the hottie walking toward me? Oh, it’s just Erica.”


Pick a Lipstick Shade You’d Never Try Before
If you’ve always wished you could pull off the bold red lips look, now’s the time to go for it! If you typically rely on nudes and pinks, try a dark red matte so strikingly different he’ll never want to wash the stains from his collar—especially since they remind him of his high school crush who he’s recently been fantasizing about.



Experiment With False Lashes
We know, the thought of applying glue so close to your eyeballs seems a little freaky, but many brands of falsies today come with their own self-stick adhesive. Next time he’s looking deeply into your eyes, he can squint a little and imagine you’re the hot young graphic designer in his office. I mean, have you SEEN her lashes?


Just Wear a Mask
If all else fails, just pick up a sexy Marilyn Monroe mask from your local costume shop and go nuts with it. If you know your guy’s fantasy woman, let that inspire your mask purchase! If a mask isn’t available, try printing out a photo of said person’s face, whether it’s a smokin’ celebrity, a cute friend from his guitar class, or your younger sister, Rebecca. Cut holes where appropriate, and just let him pretend for a second, would you?


We understand that change can be scary, but shaking things up a bit in the appearance department can be a quick and easy way to boost your self-esteem while simultaneously boosting his ego into believing he can totally nail someone new. That is, until the new you turns into the old familiar you again. We’ll try to have some fresh new tips by then. Good luck!


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