Tips for Remembering Not to Pee in the Shower When There’s Someone Else in There

couple in bathroom

One of the hardest things we as humans must do is avoid peeing in the shower – even moreso when someone else is present. So how do you manage, despite all odds, to hold in your pee in the most tempting environment for peeing because someone might be like, “What the hell, are you peeing right now?” Here’s how:


Remember that you can never go back in time once you’ve done it.

Peeing in the shower is one of those gross things that you can never take back – so if you’re in a relationship and it ends up not working out, that person will know forever that you piss in the shower while other people are in there. This may follow you for the rest of your life.


Hold it in as an active challenge.

You love a challenge – that’s why you’re willingly sharing a shower with someone with no intentions of having sex! So take this as a ten-minute challenge to strengthen your pelvic floor as you struggle to do this thing that you manage to do at every other time of your life.


Be honest.

Peeing in the shower can creep up on you without thinking about it – but telling your partner you have to pee will put it at the front of your mind, forcing both of you to be aware that it could happen. This is still pretty embarrassing to do, but only like, a quarter as embarrassing as watching your piss trickle by the person you have sex with while they’re rinsing their hair.


Pee before you get in the shower.

You should be doing this anyway, but if you’re not, this will take away 90% of the urge to piss on your lover’s feet.


There you go! It can be nearly impossible to remember that peeing in the shower while someone is something you absolutely should not do, but even the slightest effort can go a long way into preventing you from getting dumped because you pissed on someone. Good luck!