Macrame Plant Hangers That Offer Your Plants a Fancier Place to Die

plant hanger

Macrame hangers are beautifully boho, draw the eye upwards to give your room a tall feeling, and for the less plant-competent, provide a beautiful resting place for all the plants you mercilessly killed. Here are a few options for your next plant victims.


Large Macrame Plant Hanger (Etsy, $54.00)

This large macramé plant hanger comes in a variety of bold colors, so you can pick a nice contrast with the plant you’re about to murder before you even get a chance to repot it. Do you really think a pothos needs half a gallon a day? No one asked you to do that, and now it’s dead. Say your goodbyes.


Large Handmade Novelty Macrame Plant Hanger (Target, $12.00)

If you want to get something a little colorful for your space, this macramé plant hanger is the way to go. Pair it with a cute pilea that you will instantly forget about after placing it in the planter, and admire who nice the hanger looks holding a plant corpse for all to see in the corner of your living room. You really could have left that one at the store, but your thirst is insatiable.



Double Macrame Hanger (Bloomscape, $40)

Since you’re clearly a killer, get this double macramé hanger to kill two plants with one watering. These were snake plants, they’re literally branded as plants of steel. But not to you, these were easy victims just like the rest of them. At least the hanger is fancy as hell though!


Grab yourself one of these macramé plant hangers and kill your plants in style! And if you ever get sick of being a cold-blooded killer, consider a fake one next time.