Signs Your Friend Who Claims to Hate Drama is Actually Supporting an Apartheid State That’s Killing the Civilians of its Occupied Territories

We all have that one fake friend who claims to hate drama in the group chat while quietly supporting one oppressive party in all of their actual actions while hoping you won’t notice. These snakes are everywhere, but it’s important you know how to spot them so you can keep your squad vibes immaculate and also not be complicit in war crimes. Here are three sure signs that your “friend” who’s publically being all “leave me out of it” is actually supporting an apartheid state that’s killing the civilians of its occupied territories.


He says he doesn’t want to be involved but is shadily the president of a nation that gives billions of dollars to the apartheid state that’s killing the civilians of its occupied territories.

This is one of the top signs to look out for. Can he really be a neutral force who wants what’s best for everyone if he’s the leader of an imperial country with deep and inextricable ties to Israel that he has actively upheld in his administration? No, bitch.


He’s like, “Noo, don’t bomb buildings that represent the free press” but then does exactly nothing about any of it.

If your friend is publically making statements where he says it’s not okay for Israel to bomb the buildings that house Al Jazeera and The AP in Gaza, but privately he’s like “lol idc the US government will always support Israel and literally give them bombs” then he’s probably just saying the public statement to save his own image. Don’t let him get away with this. Actually, it seems like this person isn’t your friend at all and you should feel no loyalty or need to defend him, even if, let’s say, you voted him into office.


He’s obsessed with acting like he’s a peacekeeper but then he turns around and straight up blocks the UN from trying to intervene in the horrific violence of the state that’s killing men, women, and children who are stuck without the ability for meaningful self-defense or escape on land occupied by the military of their oppressors.

If he has done this three times, then there’s a really good chance that he’s actually supporting the apartheid state.


So look out for these signs, and then learn to look for your own signs, because everything that comes out of your friend, sorry, not your friend, Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States of America’s mouth on this topic is probably complete and utter bullshit. So maybe look less at what he says and more at what he’s doing, because no one likes a fake, ethnic cleansing supporter bitch!