How to Hide Vegetables in Your Meal and That Meal From Yourself

Healthy eating can be such a chore. Who wants to eat a side of plain broccoli that you can see—and maybe even taste. Yuck! Luckily, there are tricks to consuming gross vegetables. Here are ways to hide your 4-6 daily servings among other, more delicious foods, and then hide that entire dish from yourself so you still never have to eat it.


Puree carrots into macaroni and cheese… and then dump it behind your bookcase.

You can barely taste boiled carrots when they’re hidden among pasta and then doused in cheese. Even better, you won’t taste a thing when those disgusting carrots are on the floor behind your bookcase. So sneaky!


Mix chopped broccoli into dip… then scoop it into your nude pumps.

Yogurt dip is super delicious and a great way to incorporate broccoli into your diet. Dollop some onto a chip and then transfer the dip into a pair heels you never wear and just sort of look at. What a great and nutritious hiding spot!


Blend some spinach into your smoothie… then pour it into that old purse you never use.

Fruit smoothies are so naturally sweet that you won’t event notice added leafy greens. Just blend up some blueberries, bananas, a few leaves of spinach, and then pour the contents into a weird, old purse you never use. You definitely won’t taste that spinach now!


Substitute mashed potatoes with cauliflower… then chuck the dish under the hood of your car.

Cauliflower is a great option for replacing those carb-heavy potatoes. Just boil them, mash them, and then slop them under the hood of your car with all those tubes and stuff. That sad excuse for mashed potatoes will never see the light of day or your stomach!



Bake zucchini muffins… then throw them onto your neighbor’s lawn.

Adding shredded zucchini to your muffin mix will ensure a super moist muffin that’s packed with secret vegetables. By throwing them into your neighbor’s lawn, you will ensure that you never have to eat them or see them again, and that you can send a message to your neighbor Karen… she knows what she did!


Add beets to pancakes… then put them in that random drawer with all the batteries.

Did you know beets can be roasted, pureed, and then added into pancakes? This is a fun—and colorful—way to slip more vegetables into your diet. It’s even more fun if you place all those pancakes into that drawer full of junk in the kitchen. Those repulsive beets will never be tasted.


Cook mushrooms into meatballs… then roll them up in your yoga mat.

Mushrooms are a great addition to savory meatballs, and the best part is that you won’t even know they’re hidden among all that meat. You especially won’t know if you line those meatballs up on your yoga mat and roll the mat closed. It’s like those mushrooms don’t even exist!


It wouldn’t make sense to just eat a bowl of vegetables; it’s way easier to hide them in other foods and then hide that entire meal from yourself. Use these tricks to make sure you never taste anything healthy. You’re so good at hiding vegetables!