Husband Thanks God For Meal Wife Cooked

In a developing story out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, 45-year-old Peter Scotts credited a home-cooked pork roast with all the fixings to God instead of the person who made it – his wife, Sandy.


“Dear God, thank you for the meal you’ve laid before us,” prayed Peter, ignoring that his wife was the one who literally laid the meal before him. “It is your hard work and dedication that has brought us this home-cooked blessing.”


Peter went on to specifically praise God and only God for the meal, whose higher power had absolutely hand in preparing or serving.


“Lord, we give you thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us in this gracious meal you have provided,” he said. “We mere mortals are not capable of such glory.”


Sandra, Peter’s wife, is not thrilled.



“I didn’t get a thank you,” Sandy noted as she scrubbed the post-dinner dishes alone in the kitchen. “God got all the credit. But, God didn’t roast that broccoli to perfection. I did. I roasted the hell out of that broccoli.”


“I get that, technically, the ingredients to tonight’s meal wouldn’t exist without God,” she added. “But I don’t know, a little appreciation would be nice is all.”


But a clueless Peter remained unaware of how his actions affected his wife’s morale and also his future dinner prospects.


“Technically, God created broccoli, so he deserves the main credit,” Peter said while rummaging through the food pantry. “Speaking of, I wish he would bless us with another home-cooked meal soon. I’m getting sick of ordering Seamless.”