I Don’t Care If People Don’t Like Me, I Just Need a List of Who and Why Not

Women are taught to please everyone from a very young age. But after being socialized to make sure that everyone likes me for my entire life, I’ve reached the point where I simply don’t care anymore. I am so down to do my own thing, and you bet I don’t worry about what anyone thinks of me. I just need a constantly updated list of the names of people who don’t like me and at least ten valid reasons why not.


No biggie, I don’t even really care!


In my daily life, I strive to be a listener. But I’ve also let go of the shackles of caring what others say when it comes to their opinions on me. So while I was listening attentively that time I overheard Lauren from work say that she thinks I’m “a little annoying,” it doesn’t faze me at all! I mean, who would care that other people in the office probably feel the same way if nobody really disagreed with her? Not me! I just wanna know for sure which people in the office specifically did not disagree, just for my own reasons. I’m not bothered, I just want to check!


I actually sleep super peacefully at night not caring about who likes me or not. If my neighbors think I play my music too loud, then that’s their problem! I don’t care one bit that they never make eye contact, or say hi, or constantly don’t invite me to their game nights. I am out here putting my best foot forward with the hopes that I get some validation, but not everyone’s, because I really, really don’t need it. I simply need to know who I shouldn’t be seeking that validation from. That’s all!



It’s like my mom always said: “You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.” She was so right. Caring about what people think of you takes so much time and energy. And not caring is really an exercise in letting go of control. Obviously, no one can control what people think of them, so why care, right? I know that, and I’m cool with it. Like, as long as I can decide when exactly to fearlessly be myself.



I don’t need anyone to like me! I am a whole person by myself, able to be loved and capable of loving, and that’s all I really need. But, should you decide you don’t like me, I’ll just need to get that in writing and will follow up with a short e-survey about what the last straw was!