10 Power Outfits that Say, ‘I Watched 14 Episodes of House of Cards Instead of Preparing for This Presentation’

Confidence is key when giving an important presentation. If you’re dressed to impress, your competence and determination are sure to shine through, even if you did choose to binge watch an entire season of House of Cards instead of preparing for it. Here are the hottest outfits to help you Claire Underwood your way through this meeting:


1. “The Kill Stitch”1

Who said work outfits have to be boring? This trendy ensemble pairs the power of a textured jacket with a fun, flowy skirt for a carefree mix-and-match style, that says you don’t let being a woman stop you from eating the competition for breakfast. This will distract everyone from the likewise carefree attitude you have taken toward your projections for the next financial quarter. Project Claire-level confidence through your Peter-Russo-level speech, and they’ll never doubt you WERK!





2. “Blue Me”2

This body-hugging, navy blue pencil dress makes a bold and powerful statement that anyone not onboard with your proposal can go fuck themselves. Its boatneck top frames your collarbone and instantly makes your posture look graceful and elegant, projecting confidence and poise, despite your lack of prep. This showstopping midi dress just screams, “I could have created a handout last night to make it easier for you to follow along, but Remy Danton is just so fine.”





3. “It’s Not Hot in Here”3

Just because you’re bundled up in your cold office for a presentation you’re not sure how to give, doesn’t mean you can’t do it fashionably! With this chic peacoat and modern leather gloves, you’ll strut into that conference room with a cool, calm, and detached demeanor that says, “Oh shit, is this today? I was catching up on HOC.”






4. “Shoulder Power”4

Talk about a take-charge outfit! You will own the room in this fashion-forward “IDGAF if I have RBF” ensemble. The architectural, structured style of this powerful dress will counterbalance the utterly unstructured nature of your ill-designed presentation. You may not be able to figure out the buttons on the projector remote, but you sure as hell mastered the buttons on this aggressive frock. Promotion, here you come!





5. “Sharp Sister”5

Introducing: the little black office dress. This elegant robe manages to make you look sexy and qualified and scary at the same time. With a mixture of refined elegance and daring innovation, this stunning piece takes no prisoners! The slim construction will flatter any figure, and the asymmetry of the neckline will scare anyone from commenting on the asymmetry of your professional and Netflix priorities.






6. “The Right Look”6

This beautiful silk blouse and polished pencil skirt makes for a simply divine office ensemble. Nothing can stop you in this gorgeous getup! Except maybe the fact that you were so busy text-shrieking at your friend about Meechum that you forgot that people might actually ask you questions at the end of this presentation. Fuck.






7. “Power Bitch”7

This deep purple-gray dress will make you look positively regal when you stumble in the door after rushing to pick up the pie charts from Office Max at the last minute because you just kept clicking “yes, I’m still watching” instead of taking care of it yesterday.







8. “Politics as Usual”8

This sleek and authoritative dress will command the attention of everyone in the conference room and keep all eyes on you while you try to decipher the financial projection graphs in real time. Throw on some pointed-toe stilettos and a statement necklace, and no one will notice the dark circles under your eyes from staying up until 3 am to finish Season 4 instead of making your Powerpoint.





9. “I Trade Blood Money”9

With its deep scarlet hue and long, graceful lines, this power dress is so confidence-inspiring, your boss probably won’t even notice the wildly misleading representation of your department’s budget.





10. “Stock Photo Chic”10

Nothing beats a crisp, chic button-down. Pair this sleek top with a pencil skirt for a feminine yet sharp getup. Your outfit will project so much professionalism and polish that your coworkers will almost be able to overlook the fact that the font of your Powerpoint is barely legible because you were throwing this together while desperately trying to finish the HOC season finale. Get it, girl!




These stunning Claire Underwood-inspired ensembles are sure to command the attention of everyone in the room and distract them from your obvious lack of preparation. Go get ‘em, tiger!