Wow! Man Wants To Debate, But Not Like Formally Or Respectfully Or Anything

In an effort to intellectually engage with fellow bar regular Claire on the topic of capitalism, 27-year-old Harry Marshall instigated what he kept insinuating was a debate. However, this “debate” lacked the structure or respect of any formal debate or anything normal like that!


“I don’t understand why you won’t debate me,” Harry said smugly to Claire. “Unless, of course, you don’t have anything to back up your shallow opinions.”


Harry’s arsenal of rhetorical devices in this full-blown argument included yelling, interrupting, gaslighting, and strategically chosen “pffts” whenever Claire attempted to speak.


“I’m just playing devil’s advocate,” said Harry, who was actually just being contrarian and isn’t trying to be a dick or anything. “It’s important to hear ideas that are antithetical to your own.”


When asked why he’s screaming his argument, Harry paused.


“I’m raising my voice because I want to get my point across,” forgetting that Claire is able to comprehend what he says at any audible volume but does not actually want to listen to him at any auditory level.


“And it’s not an argument, it’s a debate,” he continued yelling.


“Maybe he can debate letting me drink this gin and tonic in peace,” said Claire.



“We can agree to disagree,” he added – not like trying to piss anyone off or anything, he was just trying to make a point is all!