Woman Engages in Intellectual Debate With Man Who Has Rated Her a ‘6’

Engaged in a rousing argument about determinism with co-worker John Prior, Renee Stewart held fast to her belief in free will, while Prior never wavered in his belief that she was a 6, tops.


Stewart spent 15 minutes explaining her qualms about the moral implications of a world without choice to Prior, who felt in his heart of hearts that she wasn’t quite a butterface but not exactly super hot, either.


“I just don’t want to live in a world where we don’t have control over our actions,” Stewart said, unaware that the man she was verbally sparring with recently compared her ass to a pancake.


“But it’s all written out in our genes, even if you don’t believe in a higher power,” countered Prior, who would rank Stewart as hotter than the new office intern, but way less hot than their boss.



As the discussion evolved into a nature vs. nurture territory, Stewart wondered whether Prior thought she was smart, while Prior continued to wonder whether he would hit that.


“Well, genes interact with environments,” said the reportedly boner-killing Stewart. “Or do you think all environmental stimuli are also predetermined?”


“Maybe I do,” said Prior in a playful manner, not really answering the question but realizing that Stewart did have decent tits in spite of it all. Onlookers described Stewart as growing more and more heated and emotional in her defenses, while Prior remained cool and confident in his knowledge that regardless of who technically won the debate, Stewart’s body would always be kind of “meh.”


When asked who won the argument, Stewart gamely said that, “There’s really no way to win such an abstract debate,” while Prior conceded that he would, in fact, hit that.