How to Feel Your Best Even Though You’ll Never Be Stevie Nicks

It’s hard to be a woman: You’re pressured to be thin but curvy, you’re pressured to be modest but sexy, and perhaps the most unachievable you’re pressured to be yourself but also simultaneously be a wildly successful late 70s music legend: it’s simply unrealistic! We can’t change society with one article, but here are some simple tips to help you feel like a million bucks even though you’ll never be Stevie Nicks!


Carry yourself with confidence.

Hold your head up high! Though you’ll never be as ethereal and glamorous as Stevie Nicks, and nothing you create will ever connect with millions of people the way her music has, you’re doing the best you can! Remember the time you proudly advocated for yourself at that work meeting where all your male coworkers were talking over all the women? That was badass! It’s no “Tango in the Night,” but it’s a start!



Cut toxic people out of your life.

Sure, Stevie Nicks’ volatile relationship with Lindsey Buckingham produced “Rumours,” one of the greatest albums ever made. But your shitty relationship with your ex produced rumors that you let him finger you on the Superman rollercoaster, which is honestly pretty scandalous and cool! Take a cue from Ms. Nicks and cut the fat from your relationships. Maybe even try canceling your toxic friends while rockin’ a gossamer caftan. You got this!


Try something new.

If you believe in yourself, you can do anything (with the small exception of being Stevie Nicks). So take that class you’ve been meaning to take, try standup comedy, make a career switch. Just go for it! That’s how Stevie Nicks became the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. Holy shit, did you know Stevie Nicks officiated Vanessa Carlton’s wedding? She’s so unfairly cool!


Try any of these easy tips to help you feel like the badass goddess you are, even though you’ll definitely never be Stevie Nicks. Follow these and who knows? Maybe one day all of your dreams will come true! Unless one of those dreams is to be Stevie Nicks, in which case, as we’ve discussed, that’s never gonna happen.