Business Casual Hats That Are Just As Professional As Brushing Your Hair

We don’t know about you, but when we roll out of bed and head to work, we don’t even pause for a moment to consider if our workplace demands the basic respect of running a brush through our hair or even pulling it back. Luckily, we millennials took the initiative to invent the perfect solution: the business casual hat. Here are our fave hats that just cover it all up:


  1. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Wool Blend Herringbone Band Fedora Hat (Amazon, $18.35)


Even though your title is Administrative Assistant at the local community college, this fedora screams, “After work, I immediately change into my going-out clothes and stay out all night long, going from concert to concert, until I grab a cab home in the wee hours.” If you don’t have time to shower the next morning, you can just cover the stamps on the back of your hand with gloves and cite the patriarchal heating practices of your office. It’s a win-win!



  1. Sakkas Colette Vintage Style Wool Cloche Hat (Etsy, $14.99)


You hate your job because you were an English major in college and clearly can do better than an entry-level admin position at an auto insurance company and don’t they know that you were editor for your college literature ‘zine? The best way to get back at this karmic injustice is to cease any and all grooming. This old-timey lady reporter hat provides the perfect cover for what your mother referred to as a “bird’s nest” last Thanksgiving. Whatever. You’ll show her when you’re promoted to head intern in under a year.


  1. Foam Trucker Hat (Spencer’s Gifts, $12.99)


This trucker hat is the perfect way to look retro hipster while you hide the fact that you haven’t brushed your hair in two days. As a 25-year-old hair salon receptionist, you provide the vital service of explaining to women your mom’s age what’s new and trendy. Every time one of them asks why your hair has developed several knots and looks like it’s filled with leaves and dead bugs (from the music festival you went to this summer, what??!), you just respond with, “Why live up to the stereotype of having perfect hair just because I work in a salon?” You sure showed her!


  1. Stetson Lanesboro Distressed Leather Newsboy Cap (Amazon, $199)


This. This is the hat for you. You are so hung over. You don’t even know if you could expend the necessary effort to pick up and put on a hat without throwing up, but it’s worth it to find out. Ugh. You barfed, didn’t you? Well at least you’ve got this stupid hat.



  1. Oversized Cable Beanie (, $59)


You’ve been telling everyone for last three months that you’ve gone “no-poo” to bring out your natural curls, but all you have to show for your commitment is a grease-soaked scalp and four stained pillowcases. This wool cap might be inching into the territory of “work inappropriate” for your position assisting in the county clerk’s office, but it pairs really well with the gigantic pashmina that doubles as a blanket during your work naps.


Even though your supervisor seems to scowl every time you fall asleep, and sometimes your coworkers wake you up with their loud conversations about daily operations, you feel incredibly thankful to have found an accommodating work environment that can really make use of your talent and hats!