4 Professional-Grade Blowdryers That Say, ‘Hair Matters, Okay??’

Having the perfect tool to dry your hair is absolutely imperitive because, as we all know, hair is very important! In fact, having good hair can change your life for the better! So consider spending an twenty minutes each morning giving yourself that perfect ‘do that will make you hotter, more gorgeous, and more ready to take on your day! Here are four blowdryers that say, “Look, hair matters, okay? Stop giving me shit about this.”


Ionic Turbo Styler (Conair, $30.99)

Use this hair dryer’s infrared heat feature to fight frizz and unleash your shine. This styler boasts the use of ionic conditioning, which will drastically change the quality of your blow out. Say goodbye to your frizzy head and hello to a sleek look! After waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to shower and blow dry, you’ll be thankful you have this tool roaring in your ear screaming, “Hair is important so can you please keep your comments to yourself??”


Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Dryer (Remington T-Studio, $39.99)

If you’re looking for a salon-quality motor, pick up this hair dryer that utilizes ceramic pearl technology to seal your hair’s cuticles. This dries hair 40% faster than the standard tool, making it the perfect purchase for the woman on-the-go. If you’re rushing out the door, this gorgeous dryer will yell at you, “Who cares if you’re late for work, HAIR is priority number-one, okay??”


Pro Tools Dryer 2000 (Harry Josh, $200)

If you’re looking for a quality, durable dryer, look no further than this mint green Harry Josh styler. It’s lightweight, powerful and guarantees softness and shine. The tool was made in France, so if you’re looking to be effortless and chic like a French woman, use this baby on your wet locks! As you dry your hair before a hot date that you’re running 20 minutes late for, let this look shame him with, “This is what it fucking takes, bro.”


Supersonic Hair Dryer (Dyson, $399.99)

For any ladies who wants to splurge, this dryer is for you! And listen, you absolutely should be splurging, because as this dryer will never cease to remind you, “You can have good hair and just forget about everything else like your clothes and stuff!!!!!” HAIR IS EVERYTHING. HAIR IS THE ONLY THING!”


These four blowdryers will definitely scream to you, “Hair really matters, so GET OVER IT, alright?”