4 Cardigans to Look Like You’re About to Reminisce About The Great War

Cardigans are a great way to layer warmth over a sheath dress or swing skirt. And then, once you’re properly warm and feeling nostalgic, you can turn to the person nearest you and think back on the Great War gone by, just like your great-grandpa used to do. Here are our favorite cardigans for turning down the radio and gathering the children as you tell your grandkids about trench warfare.


Mohair blend pink cardigan, $309, Essentiel Antwerp

You’re going to love this soft and comfy mohair blend cardigan! Not only is it super cozy to wear, it’s also the perfect cardigan to clutch at your throat as you stand at the edge of a dock and pensively gaze across the ocean and into the past when all the men were away. “I thought Bernard would return.” you whisper. “He’s gone now,” the sea replies moments before you close your eyes and dissolve into the surrounding fog.


Barry jumper, $121, Sézane

This cardigan is in high demand for the girl eager to look relaxed and carefree chic. Wear it while you lean against your balcony and suck away on a cigarette as you gripe about how the “coward frogs” let the Germans capture so much territory. Sure, you emulate the fashion of French women, but that doesn’t mean you need to copy their cowardice in the face of catastrophic global events.


Tommy Hilfiger Colorblock Cable Cardigan, $149.50

These plush and fun dichromatic sleeves are the perfect icebreaker at any party. People will be dying to compliment your fashion sense, which will be the ideal segue into griping about how expensive a cup of coffee is these days (Ten cents??? What is it, liquid gold?!) and how women have gotten too soft.


Zara Cardigan With Appliqués and Sequins, $69.90 at Zara

Have you ever wanted to combine the quiet sophistication of a cardigan with the intrigue of not one, but several, broaches? Zara has you covered! This acrylic blend features five random pieces of needlework, each more mysterious than the next. “Is she a real woman or a ghost?” they’ll ask, “What does it all mean?” And you’ll explain that each broach is a symbol of a lost love: “The Parrot is for Orville, struck down by the Krauts, and of course Percy is the rose resting on my shoulder because he loved our strolls through mummy’s garden ever-so-much.” A single tear traces down your cheek.


War, as they say, is hell. But with a comfy, cozy cardigan, you can light a fire and reminisce about those dark, dark times in style!