How to Look Great Even When You Feel Great

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When you have a great relationship, supportive friends and family, and a fulfilling career, it can be hard to punish yourself with an unforgiving diet and exercise regimen. Being at peace with yourself can also make it hard to spend two hours doing your hair and makeup every morning. So if you’re glad to have that inner glow but miss looking as hot as you did when you were sad, you’re not alone. Here are some innovative ways to look great even when you feel great:


Enhance Your Already-Perfect Skin

You already feel great about your skin in its unaltered form, and may be tempted to do absolutely nothing to improve it. But that would be the mistaken conclusion of someone blinded by a cloud of empowerment. You may feel beautiful, but people around you can’t see the brightness of your soul. You’re better off covering up imperfections with foundation, even if those imperfections are invisible to you.


Illuminate Your Flawless Eyes

Illuminate your “flawless” eyes by making them actually flawless. Mascara and eyeliner are necessary tools for people to improve how they look, and you’re not exempt from that just because you’re happy. While it may seem like there isn’t much you can do to improve your eyes, you’re wrong. Stop being so delusional.



Brighten Your Genuinely Happy Smile

Yes, your smile feels so bright right now, but it probably isn’t. Brighten your seemingly perfect, genuine smile by applying some white strips. Once you catch a glimpse of what a perfect being you are after whitening those teeth, it will be your body’s natural impulse to smile, even if you were already smiling before that. Carry a compact mirror in your purse for times when you need to check that nothing is stuck in there!


Invest In Less, but Pay More for It

When you’re feeling bangin’, you will be tempted to save money by purchasing fewer material items to enhance your beautiful fierceness. That would be wrong. Instead, invest in one truly flattering and expensive pair of jeans or Spanx. It would be a disservice to humanity to save people from a glimpse of the unnecessary curves that you are unnaturally unaware of now.


Don’t Eat Tacos

You don’t deserve it.


Show off your happy and healthy self by remembering that you can’t possibly look as good as you feel!