5 Long Black Cardigans That Say “It’s LeviOsa, Not LeviosA”

It’s chilly outside, which means another layer under your coat is an absolute must. Instead of throwing on the same itchy sweater, try one of these long black cardigans that will totally accentuate your swish and flick while also saying, “it’s leviOsa, not leviosA.” Wear these cardigans to let Ron KNOW.


Long Cardigan (H&M, $39.99)

This comfy cardigan is the perfect addition to a graphic tee or your school’s button up and tie uniform. You’ll be looking like the most stylish student as you tell Ron he’s going to take someone’s eye out!


Hooded Duster Cardigan (Forever 21, $18.00)

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm while running errands, look no further. This cardigan will have people thinking you’re on your way to a cute cafe, even though you’re really running late to Charms class to critique your fellow student’s rudimentary spellcasting. I mean, they are saying it all wrong!


Long Cashmere Duster Cardigan (Neiman Marcus, $325.00)

This classy cashmere option is perfect for the girl with a nice job or muggle parents to impress. A look this fancy will have people saying “you do it then if you’re so clever! Go on!” as you show them how levitating a feather is really done. It’s all in the pronunciation!



Hooded Open-Front Cardigan (Forever 21, $12.45)

A hooded cardigan adds a cool relaxed vibe to your ensemble. It will be perfect to toss over your head when Ron angrily makes fun of you for correcting his below average work in charms class. Don’t be discouraged. Who looks amazing while making a feather float in the air? You do girl! LeviOsa that hate somewhere else.


Longline Lace Cardigan (Forever 21, $24.90)

This sheer look might get you a in trouble with your house’s prefects, but everyone is going to notice you now. Not only will they realize you’re smart and a fashion icon, but they will also see that you know how to cast a spell like no other first year. Good for you!


A long black cardigan is an essential part of a winter wardrobe and any witch’s school uniform. Just put one on and get ready to show up your best friends in class. Ten points to Gryffindor!