How to Pass Off Your Under-Eye Bags as Cheekbones

You’ve spent years trying to hide your under-eye bags with creams, concealer, and more sleep. What if it didn’t have to be like that? What if we told you that you could take those puffy circles and create the illusion that they’re super-high cheekbones? Transform yourself from Steve Buscemi to Gigi Hadid with these easy steps.


Don’t sleep.

The first step of passing off your under-eye bags as cheekbones is to just really play them up. This means being as sleepy as possible at all times. It might seem contradictory, but you want to avoid that beauty rest to allow the under-eye bags to reach low enough to plausibly be cheekbones, and to embrace a more beautiful you. Trust us; after a couple of mid-workday breakdowns, the first person to say, “Hey, you have a gorgeous facial structure” will make it so worth it.



Confront your allergens.

Under-eye puffiness is often heightened by allergies. Dig that hole deeper by surrounding yourself with anything and everything that makes your eyes turn into blurry red puffballs. Get creative with it! Adopt that cat you’ve always wanted but makes your throat close up. Fill your house with plants so you can get those seasonal allergies year-round. You’ll turn that “achoo!” into a “woohoo, I have super-high cheekbones!” in no time!


Get someone to comment, “I’d kill for your cheekbones” on one of your Instagram selfies.

Beauty is so much fun when you can do it with your friends. Round up one of your best pals and get her to flat-out lie about the presence of cheekbones in one of your pics. The power of suggestion will force anyone looking at your selfie to reconcile the discrepancy between the boneless reality of your face with the caption and realize you had cheekbones all along. Psychology 101, people!



Use your natural dark circles for contouring.

Can you believe you used to try to cover up the zombie-like circles under your eyes when they so closely resemble the shadows caused by elegant high cheekbones? You were so näive! You’ve gotta heighten that darkness with bronzer, and use your liquid highlighter that you definitely own to define the upper edge. Look how much depth your face has! Look how awake you look despite not having slept in three days!


So stop trying to cover up your under-eye bags and flaunt what you sort of got! Happy winter!