Head Tilts That Gently Suggest He Change His Entire Life Plan

It’s the hardest part of every new relationship. That moment when you realize that Daniel has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. Even worse, he thinks he does know what he’s doing. He really thinks he does.


So, how do you let him know that he needs to fix his entire plan for the future ASAP without ruining your relationship? How do you motivate him to rethink every decision he’s ever made without seeming naggy or controlling? Studies have shown that good communication in relationships is about body language, specifically attractive head angles, and learning to control these nonverbal signals is crucial. Here are some confident, flirty head tilts you can use to imply that he should change his entire life plan, before it’s too late.


Up and To the Right

This move says, Clown school in rural Italy? Daniel… His creativity is part of the reason you were drawn to him, but he needs to understand that this is a very niche three-year program and will not leave him with a lot of options once he graduates. Plus, he’d have to work in the kitchen for free. That doesn’t mean you’re not “down to clown”; you’d just miss him too much! Don’t worry though: This subtle, silent neck movement should have him back on the right path in no time.


Left and Down, Ear Touching Shoulder

This little number screams, I 100% believe in your startup vision. Who wouldn’t, Daniel? He has gone through five phones since you’ve met him, so clearly he is passionate about technology. Furthermore, his app idea fills an obvious hole in the market. With that being said…does it? Does it actually? You’re not sure if it does. Use this fun but cautious tilt to delicately dissuade him from taking this idea too seriously or ever mentioning it in public. You don’t want people to think your boyfriend doesn’t have his shit together!



Leaning Forward, Chin in Both Hands

This one says, Daniel, you are the nicest man I have ever dated, and I love how much of a dreamer you are. I’m just not sure if cobbling is even still a thing? He hasn’t updated these dreams in a while (apparently, not since the 12th century); he needs to stop being so whimsical and focus. Just stare him down for a while, so he can think about what he’s just said to your human face about cobbling.


Staring Up at the Ceiling

Translation: Yes, I did hear that marijuana is now recreationally legal in Oregon and Colorado. What about it, Daniel? Do you have another stupid business idea you want to share? You don’t even want to know where this is going (since you totally already do), so just gaze at the ceiling until the moment passes and he inevitably forgets whatever his dumb idea was.


Up and Back, with Your Hands Clutching Your Heart

When you need to pull out the big guns, this move says, An anarchist collective?? Please tell me you’re now purposefully fucking with me. I am panicking for you, Daniel. Brace yourself for the walls crashing in around you. How could it have gotten this bad? This is not the man you thought you were dating. The man you were dating was smart and full of potential. Now he wants to sell his apartment and go live in a commune in Mexico? You’d better get tilting, because this one might be out of your control.



Owl-Like 180-Degree Rotation

LETTING STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET WATCH YOU JERK OFF???? JESUS CHRIST, DANIEL!!  Unless, maybe he is trying to just make some quick cash because he wants to go to law school or someth—? No, he just wants the money and hasn’t really thought past that? Got it… Use your unique body posturing here to show that you’re surprised, but still open-minded (even though you’re not). He needs to know that you’re confused so he can clarify; don’t expect him to be able to read your mind.


In conclusion, why is Daniel so confident and wrong? Was he attractive in middle school or something? Who gave him such blind, delusional self-assuredness? No, besides his mother. Luckily, these head tilts, if employed with the correct timing and angles, will trick him into taking a long, hard look at where his life is going. At least, we desperately hope so. Until then, girlfriend, just keep on tilting!