Cozy Sweaters That Almost Feel Like a Hug

Everyone needs a hug sometimes, but for some reason you still can’t buy one at Nordstrom. If you find yourself feeling blue this winter, look no further than the perfect snugly sweater for comfort. These cute little cozy sweaters are guaranteed to make you feel so snuggly, it’s almost like you have the love, care, and physical presence of another human in your life.


You’re A Snowflake Patterned Sweater (Forever 21, $27.90)


One cool part of getting a hug is feeling like everything’s gonna be okay. (It’s not, but oh my gosh how nice to think so!) The calming pattern on this sweater will replicate that feeling by giving you an opportunity to meditate and feel safe for just one fleeting moment in time.



Pins And Needles Night Rebel Cardigan, (Urban Outfitters, $69)


A versatile item for any fall fashionista, this sweater is almost as comforting as a living person putting their arms around your sad, lonely body. Keep it with you all autumn for seasonal or emotional emergencies, like when your mother calls you to talk about Thanksgiving, or when somebody is mean to you at work.


Bouclé Cardigan (H&M, $39.99)


This casual fall sweater really has the dense, grey quality of real human embrace. Put it on your body and we swear you’ll be THIS CLOSE to believing you won’t die alone.


Marbled Cable Knit Pullover (Charlotte Russe, $28.99)


Something else we have always liked about hugs is that they are soft. This sweater is soft, too! Do you feel like someone cares about you yet?


AEO Cabin Jegging Sweater (American Eagle, $54.95)


Probably the third or fourth best thing about a hug is all that sweet, sweet warmth. This extra-cozy number is guaranteed to have you sweating out your loneliness in mere minutes. (If you’re physically uncomfortable, it’s harder to focus on the existential dread of being alone!)



Bear Patterned V-Neck Sweater (Hollister, $24)


This sweater has a little buddy on it, so when you’re feeling lonely you can look down at the buddy, wrap your arms around yourself, and pretend he is hugging you because he loves you. (Unlike Garrett, who is never going to love you, but that’s okay because he’s too stupid to see how great you are, obviously. Unless maybe this sweater will be cute enough to trick him into having those feelings?)


Well there you have it: your guide to a fall full of faux-wool and faux-human touch. Your seasonal depression will at least partially go away as long as you keep a cozy sweater on for three months, we promise.