Woman Who Got in Wrong Uber Makes Mental Note to Never Tell Mom About This

In an embarrassing but ultimately harmless story emerging from Manhattan, NY, 24-year-old Sarah Yu just accidentally got in the wrong Uber and is now making a mental note never to tell her mom about this.


Sources confirm Sarah’s mom, Jasmine Yu, has regularly told Sarah to be vigilant about checking which Uber she’s getting into, lest she ride off with a stranger. Jasmine often sends Sarah articles about abductions and murders that have supposedly occurred this way, which Sarah systematically disregards.


“I always check to make sure I’m getting in the right Uber,” Sarah dismissively told her mom about a week ago. “Seriously, don’t worry! That sort of thing is just fear mongering – it’s never going to happen to me.”


This seemed true until about 15 minutes ago, when it absolutely did happen to her.


Sarah saw her car approaching on the app and assumed the car in front of her matched, so she hopped in the back seat, softly said, “For Sarah?” then zoned out before the driver responded.


She only realized her mistake a few minutes later, when the car was getting on the highway despite the fact that the car icon in the app hadn’t moved from her original location.


“Well, I’ll be damned,” she whispered to herself, allowing a brief moment of reverence for her mother’s ability to predict the future. She then told the driver about the mistake and asked him to return to the pick-up location.


She also made a point of asking him not to tell her mom about this, which is crazy considering reporters are unsure he could even do that if he wanted to.


When reached for comment about an undisclosed story, Sarah’s mom Jasmine said, “Why are you contacting me? Did my daughter get in the wrong Uber? Legally, you have to tell me!”



After confirming that, legally, they did not, reporters decided to leave that stone unturned.


Sarah was the first to acknowledge that she’d been kind of stupid and had accidentally ended up in a scary situation, but no one needed to tell her mom that.


“Was there a possibility I could have gotten into an ax murderer’s car? Yes,” she admitted to reporters. “But did I? No. And that’s what matters here. Right, everyone? That’s what matters.”


As of press time, Sarah had gotten into her correct Uber and started heading home, but not before leaning out of the window and reminding reporters that snitches get stitches.