5 Ways to Tell Him You Shouldn’t Have to Tell Him He Did Something Wrong


No relationship can survive by talking about every little thing that pops into your head. There are so many ways to let your man know he did something wrong, but if he needs you to tell him, then what’s the point even, Tom? Here are some tips to get your point across, but without all that gum-flapping that you really shouldn’t have to do in the first place:


  1. Wash the Dishes Really Loudly

For the busy woman, this is one of the most efficient forms of passive-aggression. A pan crashing against dishes in the drying rack says to your man, “I’m so mad that I don’t even care if our wine carafe gets chipped,” but without actually saying that out loud. When he asks what’s going on in there, you can easily respond, “If you were a good husband, I wouldn’t have to tell you.”


2. Audibly Sigh. All. The. Time.
A sigh can hold a plethora of meanings. Whether it’s a, “Don’t worry, I didn’t want it anyway” sigh, or the old stand-by, “I’m fine, I’m just tired,” you’re looking at a variety of options. If you happen to pass out without even finishing your tea, you’re doing it right. Just make sure you keep doing it until he finally says, “For Christ’s sake, what???”


3. Involve Your Friends!
Bring your loved ones together to tear him apart! Remark on how it’s so nice that he gets along with his mom so well because normally he hates doing things for other people; encourage siblings to tell embarrassing stories about him. Like an intervention for doing wrong things, he’ll soon get the message that he can’t do anything right!



4. Leave Copies of Gone Girl Around the House
There’s nothing like waking up with Gillian Flynn’s classic “psycho wife” novel propped up on your pillow to let a man know that the threat is serious. By the time he’s gathered enough to build a small fort, he’ll know he’s got some apologizing to do for something. He better not have to ask what it is, cause he should already fucking know by now.


5. Tell him he did something wrong, followed by, “I shouldn’t have to explain this to you.”
Going the direct route, you can frame any criticism with, “I shouldn’t have to explain this to you” in order to effortlessly turn a wrong into a double-wrong. There is literally no way he will be able to dig himself out from this.


Is your man even aware of all the ways he is fucking up this very second? Let him know in the most nonexistent ways possible. He’ll figure it out, eventually.