5 Gentle Ways To Tell Him You Want Kids For Organ Harvesting

You’ve been with your spouse for some time now, and you know you can talk to him about anything—but some subjects are still a little scary to broach. You’ve started thinking about the future and realized how nice it would be to have some little ones running around for their tiny, healthy organs. Here are five gentle ways to tell him that you want a few bouncing bundles of new organs to call your own:


Choose The Right Phrasing

Sometimes, it’s not so much what you’re saying, as how you say it: Using words such as “family”, “together” and “planning” are a little less frightening than “surgery”, “transplant” or “dying.” Try pitching the idea in a sweet whisper and let him understand that serious accidents can happen, and a living backup of your blood type is just a smart thing to have.


Utilize Subtle Hints

Avoid the temptation to have an open, honest dialogue with your partner about organ harvesting. Instead, try dropping subtle hints to let him feel open to start the conversation. Gently remind him about Linda from next door who died of that liver condition because they couldn’t find a compatible donor in time. When he remembers how fragile life is, he’ll agree that your next step is to create a bunch of cute little organ-bags in order to extend your own lives.



Timing is Everything

You don’t want to bring up difficult topics after a long day at work. Instead, hit the sweet spot between “enjoyable moment” and “creeping dread moment.” Try mentioning it during a seasonal activity like pumpkin carving, or at a birthday party when he notices how old his mother is getting, and maybe he’ll realize he’d like to extend his own lifespan someday. There is only one way to do this.


Look To Facts

Remember: You’re not on your own. Countless women before you have had to drag their husbands kicking and screaming into conversations about farming for bone marrow. Draw his attention to the information that’s out there. There are thousands of books and websites about parenting, getting pregnant, and HLA matching. He’ll thank you one day.


Remember, He’s On Your Side!

Your husband married you for a reason, and it’s his job to do whatever will make you happy. Trust in the fact that when the time comes to name your first donor, he’ll realize this is what he wanted all along, too. If he says you’re insane and ought to be locked up for having no value for human life, then maybe your goals are just not compatible. Focus on your needs first, and if your desire is to have children for organ harvesting, then follow your heart and the right procreator will come along soon.


Within a year or two, you two will be the king- and queen-pins of your own little organ black market. Good luck!