Gentle Ways To Tell Karen Her Boyfriend Is Hotter Than Her

Being a true friend means being honest at all times, but what if that honesty involves telling Karen her boyfriend is actually hotter than her? Like, the way hotter one. How do you remain gentle with her feelings, while letting her know that when people say they’re a cute couple, they mostly mean Daryn? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some gentle ways to let Karen know that Daryn’s hotter so she is aware of how good she’s got it.


Compliment His Appearance Specifically In Their Photos

While most friends will compliment Karen’s looks by default since she’s the woman (and their friend), you have the prime opportunity to slip in some hard truth about Karen’s less impressive hotness. Simply lay into her with, “Oh wow, Daryn looks soo handsome in that photo, doesn’t he Karen?! It’s funny, you two look really great together, but he looks particularly dashing, at least equal or more, to how you look.” If she hasn’t wandered away, she’ll get the message!


Remark On How Profoundly Un-Superficial He Is

Let Karen know you’re just so impressed with what a deep boyfriend she’s found in Daryn. Tell her it’s truly inspiring how he values her internal beauty and intelligence over superficial values like looks. It’s sweet, because “guys that look like him tend to just go for vapid hot girls.”



Compare Him To Her Less Hot Exes

Karen wasn’t being delusional when she claimed she was prettier than awkward-Tom, but she’s definitely imagining things if she thinks she holds up to damn-boiiii-Daryn. In order to communicate this, casually bring up her exes, and how you think it’s karmically beneficial that she stooped low enough to date them and she’s earned a Daryn by now.


Show Admiration For Her Confidence In His Fidelity

Everyone in your friend group has seen Daryn’s ridiculously gorgeous ex-girlfriend Samantha lurking around at parties and trying to win him back, except Karen. Let Karen know you truly admire how she remains so confident in Daryn’s fidelity, despite all the women on his fuck-level trying to swoop in for the kill. This will make Karen feel good, but not too good, which is exactly what you’re going for.


If all of these fail, don’t hesitate to ask Karen what number rating she’d give herself, gently correct her overconfident 9 to a 6 (at highest), then a few minutes later off-the-cuff remark that Daryn’s an 11 at least. This will get your core message across in a context that can still be considered friendly! Before you know it, Karen will finally know her place.