Is Your Friendship Ruining Your Friendship?

Face Shape - Reductress

When a close friendship falls apart, it can be hard to identify the cause. Does she think she’s too good for you? Are you completely different in every way? Do you just hate her? In this case, it’s could be that your friendship may be getting in the way of your friendship. Ask yourself these quick questions to find out if the thing dissolving your bond is the fact that it still exists:


Is Planning Your Brunch Ruining Your Brunch?

Sometimes when all you want is a brunch menu in your face, she responds with, “Well what time were you thinking?” or “I might need to go buy that hair thing.” If you spend more time texting “?” at her than you do enjoying bottomless mimosas with your bestie, this probably isn’t the friendship for you…or her. You hate each other.


Are The Emojis Next To Her Name in Your Phone Sad Emojis?

We all know the emoji in your contacts should be the emoji of two girls holding hands, or at least the two ballet dancers. Perhaps it once was. But if you look down one day and the emoji is suddenly flat eyes and flat mouth, or worse, wavy eyes and flat mouth, you know it’s time to let this thing fizzle out. You just can’t fix mutual loathing.


Is Having to Listen to Her Stories No Longer Worth It?

More than half of any lifetime buddy connection is about mutual complaining. But if your bitching-to-bitching ratio is becoming unbalanced, you may spend your evenings listening to her complain about stuff that you don’t care enough about. If you view each other more as affirmation machines than really pretty and supportive girlfriends, your friendship might be in the gutter – because of your friendship.



Does Spending Time Together Destroy Your Time Together?

Do you even like her face anymore? Have you had to ask yourself that question already today? If being near each other is what bugs you most about this companionship, it’s time to downgrade this BFF status to just one F.


Ask yourself just one last question: Are you reading this while she tries to tell you another story about her boss? Seems like just occasional contact during big life events is a better format for this dying star of a palhood. If there’s one thing you could blame for the demise of this friendship, you now know what it is: “the friendship.”