Empowering Ways To Tell Your Friend She Nasty!

Nasty - Reductress

As women in today’s society, it’s important to encourage our female friends to follow their hearts. And there’s no better way to do that than by telling your friend she a stanky hot nastafarian biznitch. Use these phrases the next time you want to show respect for your girl:
“You nasty.”
Simple and to the point, the fewest words can mean the most. This reminder lets her know you care, and says that while she may only be a C.P.A. now, she’s capable of anything nasty she wanna do in the future.


“Girl, you nastyy.”
As women, we are programmed to brush off compliments. So after particularly nasty behavior, look deeply into your friend’s eyes and make sure she’s reading the message loud and clear: “You put your finger up his butt in the back of a cab? Girl, you nastyy.” She’ll feel proud of her accomplishments – like she can do anything!


“Get it, nastayyy girl.”
It’s common for our friends to lose sight of the big picture by letting societal pressure and career goals distract them. So let her know she’s well on her way to her dream by telling her that getting mounted by the stock boy in the Pathmark walk-in freezer is nastayyy. She’ll see that her achievements are an inspiration to others!
Sometimes our job as friends is to be a cheerleader. So let her know you’re there by spelling out your encouragement as she embarks upon the unknown cute guy that’s gonna blast her in the Applebee’s bathroom! Your kind words will help her bravery flourish, and her creativity will surge to the n(asty)th degree.



Showing is always better than telling. So there’s no better response to a particularly graphic “swallowing Plan B off of his dick” story than to say exactly how you feel. She’ll appreciate your raw emotion, and feel how much you truly care about this one aspect of her full (and super nasty, you’re totally concerned about her behavior) life.


Using these tips, you’ll push your friend toward greatness and assure her the nastiest has yet to come! And who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to empower your own SIQQ-GNARRSTYYY life, too!