‘Me’ Time for Mom: Please Never Open Mommy’s Decorative Boxes

Me Time for Mom:

By Holly “Hobby” Connors
Here I am, Blog! Thank you all for the comments on my previous entry. It’s so nice for a mom to hear some gratitude! Maybe I can use you all to teach my little munchkins some manners!
Anyway, this week’s entry is about my new and improved home. With the kids back in school, I’m forced to distract myself with my artistic pursuits – turning the nursery into a ladies’ lounge, redoing the playroom floor in reclaimed Tuscan cement, and arranging our toys into “creative” displays in the attic. Maybe now I’ll finally use my MFA in interior design, hahahaha!
There is one special addition to my new and improved home, and one golden rule to go with it: never open Mommy’s decorative boxes. Prior to starting therapy, I didn’t think I had the right to set these kinds of ground rules, but thanks to Dr. Gibson’s advice I feel like I’m finally taking control of my decorative boxes, and my life. It all started with a gift card that was about to expire at HomeGoods, and so I filled a cart with the first thing I saw: a bunch of random empty boxes of all different sizes. I bought them all. Oh, what a wonderful day it was!

Some days I honestly don’t even open my decorative boxes, but just knowing I have them keeps me grounded and sane. There are boxes for every decorating need at your local interior design store, and you can store almost anything in them: Xanax, menthol cigarettes, Percocet, pictures of your other family, Cialis pills carefully sewn into hot dogs, the key to your getaway car, or bones. My kids have learned that hiding Mommy’s boxes is NOT A GAME, and my husband has learned which nights to ask for seconds, hahahahaha!
Is it so wrong that my pastel flowered boxes – great for hats, scarves, placenta, or the ashes of other people’s pets – have given this Mommy her identity back? I feel like each box contains a piece of my heart, my soul, that my children can never grasp. Love-munchkin, get your popsicle fingers off that lid RIGHT NOW!
Whew, better go and calm down with a treat from one of my tinier boxes. This is Holly saying “see you soon,” and please don’t look in my antique steam trunk. Hahahaha!