Financial Expert? This Woman Decided Not to Buy Something Online Because She Had to Manually Enter Her Credit Card Info

In an inspiring story coming out of Los Angeles, CA, Jamie Little is being praised for her financial expertise after deciding not to buy something when she found out she had to manually type in her credit card information to do it.


Okay, budget-conscious queen!


Last Friday around 2 a.m., Jamie was about to purchase everything in her shopping cart at ASOS, when she had a rude awakening.


“I was all set to make my purchase of two dresses, five shirts, two skirts, and a pair of boots, but when I got to the checkout, my browser didn’t automatically fill out my credit card info,” Jamie says. “That was when I decided that I actually didn’t need any of those things anyway because I didn’t want to get out of bed and get my card, and it did wonders for my bank account!”


“I don’t take my finances lightly,” Jamie adds. “That’s why I make it an important point to not spend any money when I would have to move my body at all to do so.”


Okay, hedge fund manager!


And it wasn’t a one-off. Jamie saves a significant cut of each paycheck using this technique regularly.


“I probably save around $200 doing this every month,” she says. “But it all depends whether or not the site you’re using automatically fills out your card number. If it’s already there when you’re at checkout, then you’re basically fucked.”


Good to know! But how does this technique translate to regular in-person stores?



“Oh it doesn’t work at all,” Jamie says. “I shop in person for things I don’t need all the time. Last week I bought an inflatable pool, and it’s the middle of November. This tip only really works when you’re cozy in bed and you could move, but you just really don’t want to.”


Penny pinchers, take notes!


At press time, Jamie has made a lot of online purchases, about $2000 worth, but it’s only half of what she would’ve bought if it wasn’t for her invaluable budget hack.


Okay, Miss Frugal!