Father’s Day Gifts You Can Charge to the Company Credit Card

Father's Day - Reductress

Father’s Day is our one chance to get our dads a gift that says we love and appreciate everything they’ve done for us, and that we’re supporting ourselves like real adults. Even if your entry-level income doesn’t allow for the sports car your dad deserves, show him you love him the only way you know how – the company credit card. Here are some chargeable gifts that your dad will love:


One Dozen Bagels
Nothing sets up your coworkers for a productive, happy week quite like Bagel Mondays. Your dad, while technically on a strict high blood pressure diet, will still enjoy the thought behind this breakfast treat. Don’t forget the flavored cream cheese!


Reams of Paper
You’re always trying to encourage your dad to get in touch with his creative side. Think of this paper as a blank canvas on which he can print his fatherly ideas using any HP or Inkjet.



Staple Remover
Your dad loves cool gadgets and technology. Treat him to this handy device on Father’s Day – just remember you may need to spend time together showing him how to use it. At the very least, he can re-gift it to his secretary for her birthday.


Ten “Good luck!” Greeting Cards
There’s been a spree of layoffs at your office lately, and thankfully you’ve been spared for now. Give your dad the ten pieces of luck your unemployed ex-coworkers probably didn’t need anyways.


Lunch for Two! (within a one-mile radius from your office)
Your dad will be so impressed when you offer to take him out using your client lunch privileges. Since he lives in a different state, you’ll have to wait until he’s able to take a personal day to drive down midweek. You’re still daddy’s little girl.


Don’t forget to slip your business card inside the wrapping paper so he knows who the gift is from. Your father will be faxing in his thanks in no time!