Oh No! Everything On Woman’s Credit Card Statement Is Correct

Yikes! Upon thorough inspection, Ashley Silver recently discovered that everything on her unusually high $1176 credit card bill was completely correct.


“When I got the statement, I knew something must be wrong,” explains Ashley. “There’s no way I could spend that much in a month! But then I read through the statement and realized, yeah, I actually did.”


Ashley scoured her credit card bill, looking for abnormalities or evidence of fraud, but couldn’t find any. Among the completely correct charges on Ashley’s credit card bill, were a couple dozen coffees from the shop she frequents daily, a dress she needed for a wedding, her own utility bills, a few nights out, a flight, and grocery store charges – all suspiciously correct.


After double-checking the amounts with some of her receipts and online orders, Ashley was aghast at the accuracy.


“I guess shit just fucking adds up,” Ashley explained, still absorbing the reality that she hadn’t been the victim of a $400 double-charge or a wayward thief on a shopping spree.


Whoa, Ashley! Shit does add up!


According to experts, Ashley shares the concerns of millions of Americans who have absolutely no idea how the hell they spent so much money last month.



Ashley attempted to create a plan to prevent a repeat of the bill this month, but there was hardly a charge she could consider avoiding.


“I need my morning coffee to get to work. And it would be shitty to skip my friend’s wedding so… Why is life so expensive? I don’t have much of a choice so guess I’ll just let it rip and hopefully it will somehow be less next month.”


We’re sure it will, Ashley!