12 Astrological Signs That Will Have You Saying, ‘That’s Me!’

Horoscope - Reductress

Which astrological sign really represents you? All of them! Read about the twelve signs below to see how each describes you perfectly.



Are you a person that likes to do things? Typical Aries. This fire sign always has ideas. And while Aries might come across a little bit strong, they are actually sensitive. If you are a person who has the potential to feel passion, you’re definitely an Aries!



Oh, Taurus. You really enjoy being happy in your lives. But boy can you get angry! If one is in an argument with a Taurus, expect them to be argumentative. If you find that you disagree with people who disagree with you, have the potential to be irritated by irritants, and are sensitive to painful things, you’re a Taurus!



Geminis are symbolized by Twins; the yin and the yang. That’s because Geminis have the human capacity for many different kinds of emotions. This air sign also loves to think and have relationships with other people. That’s because they’re sensitive. Sound like you? Are you a human? Gemini is you!




Ever dated a Cancer? Be careful! It may or may not go well! While Cancers have a great deal of love for the people that they love, they also have moods! These moods include feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling fine. You could even call them sensitive. Do you feel? You’re a Cancer!



Leo, Leo, Leo. When you are talking, you prefer when people listen! You have opinions, that’s for sure. And can we talk about how much pleasure makes you happy? You’re very sensitive and a person. Is this you? You’re a Leo.



Virgos like truth. When a Virgo comes across something that is true, they are likely to point it out. What sets Virgos apart are their minds, because they have them. If you have a mind, consider yourself a Virgo.



Libras love things that are good. They will go both outside and inside and are sensitive and can feel. Do you live? You’re a Libra.



It’s important that a Scorpio eats. All people who are water signs need to eat. Also sometimes they have good and bad days. Also, sensitive. Scorpio!



It’s important that a Sagittarius breathes. All people who are fire signs need to breathe. Also sometimes they have good and bad days. Also, sensitive. Sagittarius.



Capricorns are special because they were once children who grew into sensitive adults and will bleed if you cut them. #Sensitive. You’re a Capricorn.



Would you prefer world peace over no world peace? Sensitive? You’re Aquarius?



Pisces are fish: Sensitive.