5 NYC Restaurants With The Best Waitress Drama

restaurant - reductress

You might be one of those people that enjoy restaurants for the food, drinks or atmosphere, but if you’re like us, you go for the palpable tension between the employees happening just behind the kitchen door. Here are the top five NYC eateries with the best waitress drama:


5. Blue Water Grille – Union Square

While Tammy and Kim have never been close (both are blonde), the stakes reached an all-time high after the most recent Christmas party. Tammy allegedly told Javier (the food runner, not the busser) that Kim is “so fucking slow on the Micros system” and BOY did shit go down right in the front of the house. Check out BWG on a Wednesday after 4PM to see these two on the same shift. Important: Request to sit outside of Kim’s assigned section; she really is a mess.


4. Ruby Tuesdays – Times Square

Dionne, who was cut early from a recent Saturday dinner shift despite Megan’s pleas to be let go in order to attend a Selena Gomez CD signing, left without preparing the mandatory 25 rolls of forks and knives for the next day’s shift. Megan was forced to roll all the remaining silverware, keeping her at work well past close. The two are next scheduled to work together for Sunday brunch, where things will totally get out of hand. Jason is managing and he’s useless.


3. The Dubliner – Financial District

What should be a fun American summer job for Irish lasses Niamh and Eorfah (pronounced KNEE-v and E-vah) has turned unpleasant. Resident bitch Robb won’t let go that they didn’t know what club soda was, and has campaigned for them both to be fired. Unfortunately the owners at Dubliner appreciate the authenticity of Irish servers in their Pub, as well as their “great racks.” Unlike the Dubliner’s meatloaf sandwich, Tuesday lunch is about to get thick.


2. Southern Hospitality – Upper East Side

Yessica desperately wanted to pick up a Friday night shift when she heard the BBQ joint’s owner, Justin Timberlake, would be coming in for drinks. Despite hearing Yessica’s pleas, Ayala gave her shift to single mom Sharon, who desperately needs the money for rent. After tearfully called Ayala a “Spanish bitch” in front of a customer, Yessica was put on probation for a week. She returns this Friday night, and there’s also a terrific draft beer special until 11 PM.



1. RedFarm – West Village

Da-Xia and Fung were best friends until Da-Xia refused to let Fung borrow her wine key, stating that she has let Fung borrow one too many wine keys in the past without getting any of them back. Unable to open a bottle or Riesling, Fung responded by slapping Da-Xia publicly in the restaurant, which hasn’t been handled well by Honghui, the manager who is useless. Expect terrible service, overpriced food, and servers totally beating the shit out of each other at RedFarm. Best enjoyed family style.